PDT Cancer Talk at CanSurvive & HKCF

"A Buddhist's View towards Cancer Treatment" CanSurvive by Paul D. Tarrant 27 May 2015

This is the PPT for my talk on Cancer given to the HK Cancer Fund. What inspired me was the death of my dear brother David and of my father in law having gone well past his expire date and is on his way to what we hope is a full recovery from stage 4 Liver cancer! Love & light!


"A Buddhist's View towards Cancer Treatment: Diet, Lifestyle & Belief" CanSurvive & HK Cancer Fund presentation by Paul D. Tarrant on 27 May 2015. Focuses on Traditional Vietnamese Cancer treatment at a Buddhist temple in Danang, Vietnam given to Tarrant's father in law who is now on his way to a full recovery from stage 4 liver cancer. Includes meditation, vegan, Buddhism, karma & spiritual life.


Video of Power Point on Cancer Talk